About me

My name is Adam Pawłowski and I am the first polish Master Sommelier. There are only 239 individuals in the world who have passed the Master Sommelier exam since 1969 and I am very fortunate to be one of them.
I started my career as a sommelier at Northcote a Michelin starred establishment in the North-West of England where for 6 years was leading a very talented team of sommeliers and managing one of the best wine lists in the country.
Wine and food is a hobby that has become my full time job and my true passion. My inspiration comes from traveling, eating, drinking and working with passion driven people.
I am a member of The Court of Master Sommeliers, Polish Sommelier Association, Atelier Ruinart, Academy of Food and Wine Service, L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne i Chaîne de Rôtisiers. I judge the Decanter Wine Awards, run seminars, masterclasses, training sessions and wine and food workshops.
I am honoured to be a tutor for the Court of Master Sommeliers the most prestigious in the world training organisations for sommeliers.
I have my own column in „Food Service” the best polish magazine for hospitality professionals.


My qualifications, prizes and honours
  • Master Sommelier Diploma 2014
  • Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Trophy for the candidate with highest marks in the Master Sommelier exam 2014
  • Polish Best Sommelier 2014
  • Winner of the Sud de France Sommelier Competition 2013
  • Finalist of the UK Best Sommelier Competition 2011/2014
  • Imbibe Magazine Personality of the Year Award in the „Hot Stuff” category for an up an coming personality in hospitality industry
  • Polish Academy of Gastronomy Ars Coquinaria 2017 „Master of the Masters” award winner for mentors of the generations